Violent Night


Christmas movies are a must during the holiday season, and many even replay the same Christmas movies over and over until the Christmas season ends. Even then, some may continue to play those movies. Violent Night may only be an all-Christmas season rewatch if an action-heist movie lover.

I did not know what to expect when I walked into the movie theater to watch the movie Violent Night. My thoughts at the moment led me to believe it had been out for weeks or days, but Little did I know it was opening night. As much as the fact that it was opening night was cool for me, it was unimportant for the story because it was almost vacant in the movie theater.

Violent Night was well-made and kept me invested and entertained throughout. From the first couple of shots in the movie, the audience automatically knows what the experience will be like through the rest of the movie. At the same time, there are many twists that one would never expect.

The role of David Harbour (mostly known for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things) as Santa for me was an absolute curve ball when it comes to the traditional portrayal of Santa, but after seeing the movie and watching him portray this rendition of Santa it almost seems like the perfect fit.

In short, the story begins in a bar where the real Santa talks to a fake Santa about how kids have become ungrateful and greedy. It cuts to a divorced mom (Linda) and dad (Jason) taking their daughter (Judy) to Jason’s parent’s house for Christmas. The mom (Gertrude) is a businesswoman with much money that Jason and his sister Alva fight for. Jason and Alva’s families are both in the house for Christmas when suddenly, a talented heist crew hiding under names from classic Christmas villains’, invades the house with high-powered weaponry.

At the same time, Santa happened to be giving gifts at that same house. Then after a long sequence of him trying to run away, he decides to help the family by taking out the heist crew. The little girl escapes and talks to Santa about how to take them out. As a team, Santa and the girl take out the heist crew as Santa shows some backstory about how he was a nordic warrior before his life as Santa. Santa takes out all the heist crew and saves the day.

The continuity of this movie was incredible. The things introduced early in the movie just to be brought back were amazing. A couple of examples consist of a candy cane and cookie left out by Judy for Santa; Santa ended up picking up the candy cane and putting it in his pocket, and the cookie showed as a reminder to help the family and not just leave them for death. The candy cane was brought up and later used as a lethal weapon to defend himself in a barn. 

The backstory that the writers created for Santa were also creative. They imagined Santa as a nordic warrior that used to be a raider with a hammer named “Skull Crusher” this is brought up throughout the whole movie as he talks about his past to Judy. He eventually finds a sledgehammer and shows off his skills with the hammer.

Overall this movie was pretty good. I recommend this movie if you are over the age needed to watch a rated R movie. It was a good holiday watch that makes fun of and references other movies like “Die hard” and “Home alone.” If I were to watch a movie through Christmas that was action-packed and kept me interested all season, Violent Night might very well be that movie.