Time To Go Home


“When the clock strikes twelve, your carriage will turn into a pumpkin, your horses into mice, your coachman into a rat, and your gown into rags.”
Like Cinderella, Lakeland High School students should be home by midnight.
Curfew is set to keep unaccompanied youths off the streets between midnight and 5 a.m. in Rathdrum.
Any student, church, family, or other events give the juvenile leeway if they are still outside. A juvenile traveling between two points is allowed, but just sitting in a parking lot is not.
Both parents and the given child can potentially be held responsible for being out past curfew with usually a $75 citation.
John Hatcher, the LHS armed guard, works as a patrol officer during the summer and has caught multiple kids past curfew while patrolling Rathdrum at night. At night, cops will investigate to ensure safety and ensure the juvenile stays out of trouble.
Midnight is late enough.
“Just be honest about what you are doing, and the cop will be understanding,” Hatcher said.
Lying or being suspicious will make the situation worse in the long run.
Ella Haug, a junior at LHS, has been caught past curfew twice and thought it was not bad. Depending on some circumstances and the age of the defendant, the Rathdrum cops are usually understanding.
Maturely thinking, parents should keep kids inside at night, but no teenager wants to be kept inside. Being let out of the house past midnight should be allowed as long as teens are safe and smart at night.
“Stay safe out there,” Ella said.
I personally have been caught past curfew about five times in Rathdrum and have never gotten more than a slap on the wrist. I was honest about what I was doing, and the fact that my parents knew my whereabouts made the whole situation quick and easy. They just told me to go where I needed to go.
In my opinion, the law is an excellent reference to when a juvenile should be home, but many don’t listen to it nor get punished when caught. Not that I would want to be punished, but I never feel worried about being caught. I would not feel affected if Rathdrum police cracked down or removed the law.
Don’t be a bad kid.