Booster Club Launches Fundraising Efforts


The booster club of Lakeland High School is getting great results in its purpose of helping the sports teams and the clubs of the school. 

“Our goal is to help make money that goes right to the school and the kids in order to better enhance the team or organization’s performance.” The Booster club President John Hatcher said.

This goal can be completed in many different ways. An example is the concession stand during the home sports games, where the booster members volunteer to sell food and snacks. 

Another way to raise more money is through school apparel and raffles, which are always the most profitable and successful projects, in Hatcher’s opinion. With raffles last year, they collected $12,000 dollars, and they hope to raise $15,000 dollars this year. 

Right now, the booster club is working on a huge raffle. They have a $200 dollar gun with bullets, and a big Traeger smoker barbecue, each of these things was kindly donated.

 “Now we are organizing a lottery and giving tickets to sell at ten dollars apiece to all the sports coaches and club members. At the end of the fundraiser, they can get to keep all proceeds.” Hatcher said.

In this club, not just the parents and the adults are involved; the students can also participate in the meetings and help donate their time. However, the booster members would rather see the students engaged in sports and school activities and let the adults help them with the funds. 

The club is composed of the president, the vice-president, the treasurer, the secretary, two members of large, and then three people, one in charge of social media, one in charge of membership, and the other one in charge of clothing apparel. 

“These are kind of the leaders of the Booster Club but counting all the people that help us and are joining the group, we are a few hundred members.” 

The booster club is an essential part of the school system here in Idaho because, as Hatcher explained, in this state, there are many taxes to pay to the public, and there are usually districts with a lot of schools, so each individual school doesn’t get a lot of money. Therefore, the booster club is able to contribute for special items and requests.”

The LHS Vice-Principal, Shannon Lafountaine, is highly enthusiastic about their commitment to this cause. 

“This is my first year in this high school, and I’m super impressed with all the involvement they have. Their success is led by their creativity and their original ways to raise money.” Lafountaine said.

For the future, the booster club has big projects always in order first to help needy sports teams. This year they’ve already worked on many things, like collecting money for new bleachers for the baseball team and the cheer team with their extra costs. 

“They are donating a portion of funds to help us with travel expenses with competitions in Southern Idaho.” The cheer coach, Cynthia Peck, said.

The booster club is simply a group of people coming together to better the school. 

“It’s fun to be part of a community that wants to help. It’s fulfilling donating your time and energy to see the students smile,” Hatcher said.