One Small Trim for Man; One Giant Leap for Rathdrum


Liam Bradford, Editor-in-chief

There is never a worse feeling than having to attend school after a bad haircut. A hairstyle is one of the most critical components of a person’s appearance. When glancing at someone for the first time, a haircut may be the primary physical trait that is noticed. This is why everyone must have someone to cut their hair whom they trust and are comfortable with. 

Moving to Idaho during freshman year brought many changes to my life. Along with the disadvantage of not knowing anyone in Idaho, I had no clue where to turn when my hair required a trim. 

Since I did not particularly want to leave the quality of my hairstyle up to a cheap chain barbershop, I looked for a solid local option. In 2021, I decided to try Buckshot Barber. 

I was thoroughly impressed by their ability to cut hair, and the atmosphere inside the shop was loose and fun. The barbers do an excellent job at making the customer feel welcome. 

Buckshot Barber is owned by Dawn Jones, who shares the barbershop with her friend Ricki Batson who owns Men’s Cutz on Main. 

Batson opened Men’s Cutz on Main in 2015 and has provided for the Rathdrum community. Jones opened Buckshot Barber in 2018, joining Batson on Main Street to team up as a talented barber duo. 

Batson describes her profession as counselor, barber, friend, and sounding board. 

“You need to be well-rounded to be a barber,” Batson adds. “Though the constant wear and tear on the mind and body can be exhausting, making people look and feel good is very rewarding.” 

The process of becoming a barber includes logging an extensive number of hours of training, 1500+ in the case of Jones and Batson. 

Both barbers have a clear-cut love for their craft that developed at barber school. Dealing with customers in one-on-one situations all day long can be stressful. 

“The hardest part of the profession is the innate insecurity of the field. It would be more enjoyable if everyone supported each other; I believe that can be applied to the world as a whole,” says Jones. “I love the challenges and creativity that my profession provides. My life has been enriched by my clients who trust me as a barber.” 

Being requested to do hundreds of different hairstyles daily is no easy feat. Barbers are an underappreciated workforce in America. As a small business during the pandemic, it is extremely impressive that Buckshot Barber and Men’s Cutz on Main flourished and grew during a time of mass small business destruction.