STUCO Earns Honors At State


Diego Aguilar, News Writer

This past week the Lakeland Student Council, or STUCO, won an outstanding student council award at state. The Lakeland student council has done a fantastic job this year; this award is only proof.

Lakeland student council is responsible for all school events, such as Homecoming, Battle for the Paddle, Veterans Day Assembly, Prom, Frozen 5K, Christmas Wish, Buff Puff, and so much more. Every school event other than sports is under the care of Lakeland STUCO.

“I think it’s (STUCO) pretty fun, definitely a lot of work, and it’s rewarding,” said Ella Clark, the Lakeland High School Sophomore Public Relations. 

The hard work of all the Lakeland STUCO members has paid off through our school events.

So far this year, we have had some amazing events, including Homecoming, Buff Puff, and the Veterans Day assembly.

“Homecoming was amazing, we met over the summer, and we had a retreat; it says a lot that these kids are willing to take time out of their summer,” said Mrs. Knoll, STUCO teacher, and advisor.

Aside from just being there to supervise, Knoll also works alongside everyone in STUCO to ensure everything runs smoothly; this includes staying at the bean barn most mornings and some lunches, going to retreats, conferences and anything else STUCO-related. 

Knoll takes personal time to make sure that STUCO works, and so far, the fruits of her labor have paid off.

Aside from being in charge of STUCO, Knoll is also an acting, video production, and stagecraft teacher; she has also taught English in the past. Like any teacher, she does a lot for her students, but adding STUCO is a significant task for any teacher.

Senior class president, Suzi Nichols, is a member that has done a significant amount of heavy lifting. 

She enjoys STUCO and said, “I would say student council has definitely had the biggest impact on my high school experience more than anything else, and I will definitely be taking what I have learned into my adult life.”

Because of the hard work of the entire Stuco team, they went to represent LHS at a conference in Boise this past weekend. At the conference, LHS won an outstanding Student council award. Nichols credits the award to the teamwork of her fellow STUCO members but also takes personal pride in the award. 

“I take personal pride in this award because I was able to showcase everything we worked on for that term, and it proved that hard work really does pay off,” said Nichols.  

The event made everyone who attended proud and showed what fine students are in attendance at Lakeland High School. The Boise conference was a show of what students can accomplish when they put their minds toward an objective.