What are you Thankful For?


Hadley West, Opinion Editor

Being thankful.

Everyone has someone or something to be grateful for, and on the fourth Thursday of November, many families have traditions that help to gather and give thanks. 

Freedom, food, and family are all things that teachers and students at LHS can be thankful for.

Rebecca Hasz, the Spanish teacher at LHS, tends to have a chaotic Thanksgiving with all her nearby family. They have had to switch where they go each year. 

She is thankful that she lives in the United States, her family and friends, and the fact that she works and lives in Idaho. 

“I have a lot to be grateful for,” Hasz said. 

Dustin Frank, the principal assistant at LHS, thinks everyone deserves a Thanksgiving because it is a time to reflect on our blessings. He is planning on going to his parent’s house and visiting family, then going to his wife’s parent’s house for a visit.

“I am thankful for my family, the health of my family, my parents and the sacrifices they made for me, thankful to live in the USA and our freedoms, thankful for our veterans and the sacrifices they made for us, and thankful for the staff and student at Lakeland High School,” Frank said. 

Living here in Rathdrum and attending Lakeland High School gives every LHS student something to be thankful for. 

Matthew Greene, a freshman at LHS, is thankful for the roof over his head, food, and a family that loves him. During his Thanksgiving, he plans on deer hunting for the first part of the break and then having family time for the rest. 

“I think Thanksgiving is a time to reunite your family, realize the goodness in our lives, and understand all of our blessings in life,” Greene said. 

Family is a big part of Thanksgiving. When family and friends come together for celebrations like this, unity and togetherness follow. 

I personally have so many things to be thankful for. Friends, family, and my beloved dog are the main things, but living in the United States and having the rights given to me as a citizen are others.

I believe giving thanks for every aspect of life on Thanksgiving is essential.