The Ideal Thanksgiving Meal

The Ideal Thanksgiving Meal

Hadley West, Opinion Editor

Dinner has been served. 

Thanksgiving is marked with a meal at the end of the night with family and friends spending time giving thanks.

Rick Anderson, a history teacher at LHS, thinks that the meal is important, but most important is family. On his plate, he has turkey breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, asparagus, and cranberry sauce. 

“Everyone in our great country deserves a great meal on that day. That’s why we are #1,” Anderson said. 

As United States citizens, the ability to have a meal on Thanksgiving is a blessing to us. Not all countries have that capability. 

Hutton Hegbloom, a senior at LHS, thinks the Thanksgiving dinner is the most important part of Thanksgiving. He likes to have turkey, stuffing, bread rolls with butter, corn, and mashed potatoes. 

“Lots of stuffing has to be there. It is the best part of my meal… to end my meal, I like the classic pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top,” Hegbloom said. 

For people that love a good meal, Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. 

Some can argue that the best part of the Thanksgiving meal is the dessert after. Usually, pies are most popular with a whopping pile of Cool Whip on top. 

Shannon LaFountaine, LHS principal asst., loves Thanksgiving because of the family games, football, and holiday movies. Creating a delicious meal with all the fixings is part of the day’s tradition. 

“Turkey, cranberry, sausage stuffing (the best part of the meal), sweet potato casserole, homemade rolls, strawberry pretzel salad, and a green salad,” Lafountaine said. 

Every family has variations of what they eat on Thanksgiving. Turkey is a critical component of the typical dinner spread, and its preparation can make or break the dinner. 

Many may argue that the best part about the meal is the large tupperware containers of food taken home afterward; Stuffing and turkey for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

I personally love the annual feast. The family gathering for a good meal at my grandmother’s to be thankful is an important tradition. 

I absolutely chow down. My two favorite things on my Thanksgiving plate are the stuffing and the potato casserole. It is important that all the sauces and random casseroles mix together around the turkey, but nothing touches the salad.