Fuel to the Fire

Fuel to the Fire

Zack Roses, Photographer

Snapchat, BeReal, Instagram. You’ve seen it all, Or so you thought.

There has never been an app quite like this. A new social media app is taking over and currently holds the top-ranked position on the chart of most downloaded apps. 

“Gas” is taking over, and many people have mixed thoughts about it. Gas is an interactive app that classifies students by grade and gender. 

Others with the app who also attend the school can see the names of fellow students in these hourly polls. Each participant’s questions are completely randomized as well. 

All friends on the app will appear in these polls and ask anything ranging from beauty queen candidates to milk and cereal preferences. 

It then shows four names and asks you to select which person fits the question best. If none of the candidates apply, there is a name shuffle feature. 

The thing about this app is it is entirely anonymous. When someone chooses your name on a question, a notification is sent to that person showing only the gender and grade of the anonymous voter. 

This app has me personally questioning if I am as cool as it shows or if people just pick my name for no apparent reason. 

Sophomore Jay Johnston says that gas is “Completely pointless but entertaining at times. It makes you wonder who voted for you, but if they really have those opinions on you, they should just tell you.” 

Johnston thinks the anonymous part of it is irritating but somewhat enjoyable. He says that people probably pick his name because it is the only one they recognize out of the four options. 

“It’s a cool app because you can see what people think about you, and it makes you feel good about yourself,” said sophomore Abigail Morlan. 

She likes that it is anonymous, but she also says she gets some weird ones and wonders who sent it. 

As people share their thoughts on this app, I can see many pros and cons, so what are your thoughts, is this healthy, and do you like the coming up of these new social media platforms?