Closing Time


Florence Bruns, News Writer

Lunch is most people’s favorite “class.” A time for eating food and hanging out with friends. However, as much as school can be a fun place for students to learn and meet friends, certain rules need to be followed

During lunch, the hallways are now closed after ten minutes of release. School officials hope that this helps the safety of the school, students, and staff. The change took place in late October. 

Previously, restrictions on eating lunch in the halls were relaxed. 

Students have the opportunity to eat their lunch in teachers’ classrooms (with permission) or in the library. 

“Even though we have security cameras, this helps with extra protection for the school,” Dustin Frank, principal assistant, said. 

The school is doing the best it can to help protect the students and staff from any harm. While this is helpful and beneficial for the school, some students have feedback regarding this change. 

“I am not a fan of the new changes, it can get very boring staying in one place and I enjoy walking with friends,” Kimber Ganske said. 

She understands the reasoning but wishes that they would have some leniency with it. 

Ganske adds that it would be nice if they were to ask where you are going or let us walk through the halls. 

“I don’t mind the change, but they should give us more time to get things we need,” student Sophia Bruns said. 

Bruns said getting lunch is a struggle due to the long lines, and she understands that there is a short staff, but if they could give a longer amount of time that would be better. 

“One thing is because it is difficult for the admin to monitor the entrances and exits, they are trying to keep it more secure during an open time,” said Melissa Brumbaugh, the library aid and testing coordinator. Her room is located next to one of the entrances. 

It also gives a break time for teachers to enjoy their lunch. 

Unfortunately, there are students that leave messes everywhere and don’t pick up after themselves leaving big burdens.

“Our goal is to keep the hallways clear, but any recommendations are welcome,” Frank said. 

There are students that have to make up work such as quizzes and tests, but there is too much noise being produced in the hallways. Closing the hallways helps keep the volume down and prevents distraction even for teachers.