Starting the Snowy Season


Aly Caywood, News Writer

North Idaho weather has a reputation for being unpredictable, but many Rathdrum residents have been anticipating snow for the past week. Now, it is here. Whether this is good or bad depends on who you ask. Regardless, it is once again snowy season. 

During the evening of Nov. 3, light snow began to fall from the sky. The next morning, North Idaho woke up to a thick blanket of snow covering the ground. 

Though the snow melted that evening, it came back with force during a snowstorm late on Nov. 6. 

“I love that snow is here,” said Lakeland freshman Matthew Greene. “I have been waiting all year for winter, especially sledding, skiing, and, of course, the holidays!”

Ziya Munyer, a Lakeland sophomore, thinks it is crazy that the snow came so early this year, but it makes her even more excited for Christmas.

“I don’t love winter, but I enjoy the holiday season,” said Munyer.

With snowy weather comes many fun winter activities. Munyer likes to sled with her family and friends. 

Lakeland sophomore, Jay Johnston, loves when there is snow in the mountains because he likes to ski and snowboard. His favorite thing to do is drink a nice cup of hot chocolate after spending the day outside. 

Tim Gering, a teacher at Lakeland, enjoys snowmobiling in the wintertime. Along with those activities, there is snowshoeing, building snowmen and forts, snowball fights, and so much more to do during winter.

“It’s easily the best time of the year,” said Greene.

Despite the numerous activities that come with snow, not everyone appreciates cold winter weather. 

Sam Cannon, a sophomore at North Idaho STEM, says she hates the snow. Because it is so frigid outside, she would rather stay inside and watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music. Though the weather is not so enjoyable, Cannon loves the Christmas season. After all, it is her favorite holiday.

The snow can also be dangerous. During winter months, roads become slippery, and visibility is often decreased. Because of this, drivers must be extra cautious to avoid harmful situations. 

Sophomore Samantha Laird said she notices a lot more crashes when driving in the winter, but she drives slower and leaves plenty of distance between her car and the car in front of her. 

As winter approaches, it will snow more often. Some people spend their winter inside, and others get outside as much as possible. Either way, all hope that this winter will be a good one. Stay safe, and have a great winter.