The Bucket List


Hadley West, Opinions Editor

Meet the president… Check.

Climb Mt. Everest… Check.  

Go on a plane… Check. 

We have one life to accomplish and experience everything we want to. 

A bucket list does not have to be a written down list  on a piece of paper to be valid, it can be a figment of your imagination.

Isaac Moore, a sophomore at LHS, thinks that people should have a bucket list to organize what someone wants to do in order to give life a purpose. 

Skydiving is on his bucket list because it seems fun; he also has a fear of  heights and wants to get rid of it. Besides that he would like to go to a NFL football game. 

“YOLO,” Moore said.  

As children a bucket list may consist of unrealistic things, but as time goes on the list becomes more and more realistic.

Joshua Ballard, a science teacher at LHS, thinks that a bucket list helps to set your goals. He wants to skydive, retire on a tropical island on a beach, publish a music album on spotify, and travel Europe. 

His bucket list has changed and evolved over time, but he hopes that he doesn’t lose the goals that were important to him as a young kid.  

“Having goals is what makes life worth living,” Ballard said. 

Obviously, every person has a different looking bucket list, but also how people make and go at a bucket list varies.  

Shannon Hall, an English teacher at LHS, has ten year bucket lists that she started when she was 30. She has checked off everything on her 30s, 40s, and she is hoping to finish everything on her 50s list. 

On her “By-the-Age-of-Sixty” bucket list, she would like to have climbed to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru, learned chess, retired from work, purchased a second home, hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, stayed the night in a treehouse, spent a month or more in Europe, done the Polar Bear Plunge, gone to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and taken a hot air balloon ride.

“I would encourage teens to create a by-the-decades bucket list so they can start planning for those experiences,” said Hall. 

John Cornish, a senior at LHS, has ride a bull and go skydiving on his bucket list. He thinks that a bucket list is when you want to do something or everything in the short time you are here. 

I personally think a bucket list helps me to keep the fun in my life in check. A couple things on my bucket list are skydiving, meeting someone famous, and getting to the top of Jackson Hole (World Championship Hillclimb).

Everyone should make a bucket list and create goals for themselves whether or not it is a life, or by-the-decade, bucket list.