Gotham Knights Worth a Try


Maylin Knoblich, Opinions Writer

What is Gotham without its dark and noble protector of the night, Batman? 

The result is a game called Gotham Knights, a game that doesn’t have batman in it but a bunch of his sidekicks that he had over the years. This basically sums up this game: a sidekick to its predecessor the Arkham Night series.

Releasing on Oct. 21, 2022 Gotham Knights viewed through the trailers and all the teasers set to advertise the game made it seem like a fantastic game that was worth waiting for to release. The products that we received in return were good but not as good as we expected.

This game features a new character list than the previous games that take place in Gotham. The previous installments were all batman as the main character but Gotham Knights have four main characters to choose from. Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Jason Todd as Red Hood, Barbra Gordon as Batgirl, and last, but not least, Tim Drake as Robin.




As you may be able notice, the characters you can choose from are all different Batman sidekicks, and three out of four of them were or are Robin. This is a cool development to have all of Batman’s sidekicks come together and take his place to find some bad guys after the death of Bruce Wayne (Batman) in the previous game.

Overall the story is decently simple, after Batman’s heroic death to take out Ra’s al Ghul It causes the Knights (the sidekicks) to band together and help take down the criminal empire that rises in the wake of Batman’s disappearance. After some leads followed on past work from Batman the knights stumble across the court of owls, a secret community that basically runs Gotham from the shadows. 

It is revealed that the court has revived Bruce in the Lazarus pit and brainwashed him to be the next leader. The knights emotionally reach out to him and bring him back to reality and he then sacrificed himself again to destroy the pit.

The story is long, sometimes slow, and not eventful. But when it is eventful, which is most of the time, it’s exhilarating and fun, and the story is pretty good overall. 

The visuals during the gameplay is very underwhelming, Arkham Knight the previous game released about seven years ago has graphics that are comparable and almost better than the graphics shown in Gotham Knight, summoning vehicles, fighting bad guys, and flying around with a zipline all look worse in the newest game than the previous one.

The cutscene’s graphics look incredible. Despite the gameplay not being very good, the cutscenes look very realistic, and the breath in the cold air from the characters, the weather, the mouths syncing with the voices are all perfect.

All in all, is this game worth it? 

It might be, the graphics might not be up to what people expect and the fighting might be a little primitive, but the story and the co-op mode really sell this for me. I think it might be worth it just for the great story.