Rain Rain, Go Away


Florence Bruns, News Writer

“I love rain when I am inside,” said Shannon LaFontaine. 

Many people agree with this statement. 

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it also comes with rain. Some people enjoy it while others do not. 

“I enjoy the thought of being snuggled up in a blanket with some hot cocoa listening to the rain,” Brelyn Ganske said. 

Rainy days can bring your day to a whole different level. There were many responses of being sad and gloomy. 

From the perspective of a football player, Carter Vanek mentioned, “A light pour is awesome, but not too much. I love rain a lot, but it does make things slippery,” Vanek adds. “It is fun to play football in the rain, but it makes it muddy and slippery, leaving no grip when trying to run.”

Even though the overcast and dark skies may make you feel gloomy, some perks will lighten your mood. 

“I love the rain. The feeling of it is therapeutic,” Rya Morrison said. 

Regan Wright gets a feeling of coziness and urges to wrap up in a blanket and just watch movies. 

However, other people believe that rain does not give a cozy feeling. 

“It is disgusting; it ruins my hair by making it very frizzy, and an umbrella is simply a hassle,” Johnnay Williams said. 

“I don’t like it because I can’t ride my motorcycle, and I have to put all my summer cars away,” Melissa Brumbaugh mentioned. 

Oliver Everett loves the rain due to experiencing different weather in California. He explained how he loves to go outside and dance in the rain. 

Whitnee Johnson does not prefer rainy weather but says it is crucial to the environment, a common perspective. 

Marti Fuhriman would prefer to avoid the rain and the hassle of rain boots, a raincoat, and an umbrella. 

Some stressed a desire for the sky to rain something other than water, such as diamonds and blue Gatorade. 

“The rain makes the worms come out,” Ganske said. 

The pros of rain include the watering of plants, washing of cars, and production of puddles. 

Aquifers and lakes benefit from the rain, keeping the dust down and preventing potential fires. 

However, rain also cancels sporting events and causes dangerous driving. 

The rain also ruins the appearance of hair, and because of this, many concerns were voiced. 

“The rain tends to lean on the more acidic side due to pollution in the air,” Joshua Ballard said. 

In my opinion, rain is such a beautiful thing. The feeling of snuggling up in a corner with a blanket, a warm drink, and a book next to a window is amazing. Rain can be both a bother and an enjoyment.