Lakeland Students Dress Up for Halloween


Hadley West, Opinions Editor

Boo! Ahhh!

Halloween has arrived, and the spooky season is coming to a close.

To some, Lakeland High School may be a scary place in general, but when Oct. 31 comes around, it gets that much more spooky. 

Skeletons and witches have been flooding the halls of LHS today. 

Jordan Bucaroff, a junior at LHS, got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up at school today. He could not pass up the opportunity to dress up since the school allowed it this year for the first time in several years. 

He likes how everyone gets into the spookiness; also scary movies are more fun to watch on Halloween. 

Halloween can be filled with fun activities from movies to haunted houses.  

Wyatt Aramburu, is dressed up as a cowboy because it is easy and he has a friend that is a cowboy as well; they have matching ponchos. If an individual has a good idea then they should dress up. Wyatt will not force anyone to dress up. 

“I like fall, and Halloween is pretty much fall on steroids,” Aramburu said. 

For many high school students, they celebrate Halloween during the weekend.  

Jasmin Allen, is Alice Chambers from the movie ‘Don´t worry Darling’. Her Hallo-weekend consisted of watching scary movies and doing slide show presentations at a sleepover with some friends. 

Today, she is going to a hangout/ Halloween party where everyone is dressing up and watching scary movies. 

Halloween is her second favorite holiday, so she always dresses up. She once was Astrid from ‘How to Train a Dragon’ and she never felt more cool. 

“If you don’t dress up you are lame. Zero out of ten to anyone that does not dress up,” Allen said. 

Halloween gives kids and adults a chance to be anything they want. 

I personally celebrated Halloween on Saturday like many of my fellow classmates  so that I could stay up late with friends. I was a cop because it was cheap and easy. 

I will be carving a pumpkin tonight though to get into Halloween spirit. 

With Halloween coming to an end, Thanksgiving is rounding the corner.