Yearbook Class Chooses Retro Theme


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Lakeland High School’s yearbook class is taking a creative spin on this year’s yearbook. 

This year, the yearbook class has decided on a retro theme titled “Rewind.” 

Previously, LHS yearbooks have been based solely on school spirit, but the class decided to try something different this year. 

“The biggest difference between this year’s yearbook and years before is we are not doing anything to do with green and yellow. We have chosen, and whole new design, and I am excited to see how it all turns out,” said Bre Ganske, the yearbook editor. 

After the class decided they wanted to stray away from the school pride theme, it took lots of brainstorming to develop their retro theme. 

“I remember it took a long time to think of the theme for this year. We set aside about the first three weeks just so we could decide on a theme,” said Ganske. “We also had a completely different idea at first, so there were a few conflicts that we ran into.” 

Although it took a while to think of a theme, once the yearbook class thought of this idea, they were able to start working on it. 

“When we were brainstorming one day, someone was looking on Pinterest and found a cassette tape. We all thought it was a perfect idea,” said Detroit Rodgers, the yearbook’s assistant editor. “I started drawing up a cover, and we just kind of took it from there.” 

The 2022-2023 yearbook class has grown in size this year, so working on the yearbook is working more smoothly for the class. 

“We are moving at a very fast pace this year. We have so many more people in the class, so it the class just functions better and is really killing it this year,” said Ganske. 

Ganske also feels like everyone in yearbook contributes to all the hard work that has to be done. 

Having people involved in the class can make everything run smoother and go quicker. 

“I feel like everyone in this class is more dedicated than years before. They act like they really want to be in this class and show they are passionate about it, which makes my job easier,” said Ganske. 

However much fun this class can be, it can also be a stressful class. Yearbook has many deadlines that they have to meet. 

“It can be super stressful some days, but some days can be really relaxing and fun. As we get closer to our due dates, Dunn and I tend to stress out more just because we want everything to be perfect,” said Ganske. 

Being in the yearbook class takes lots of patience and social skills. 

Students in the class must work hard to do their best on the yearbook. 

“The thing with yearbook is you always have to be prepared to take constructive criticism and work through boxes and barriers that you might face,” said Rodgers. 

The yearbook class is excited about the theme and to see how the yearbook turns out.