Magnificent Munyer


Diego Aguilar, News Writer

Standing at 6’5 from Los Angeles, California, it’s Jacob Munyer. Munyer is an English and math teacher at Lakeland High School. Born sometime in the 20th century, he towers over his students to intimidate them as much as possible. So far, it has seemed to work.

Until recently, Munyer had two sons at Lakeland, Ammon and Abraham Munyer. Both are star athletes and graduates. Jacob Munyer has two other children, Kenai and Ziya Munyer. Like their brothers, they are athletes.

Ammon was part of the class of 2021. He was on the varsity football, track, and basketball teams. While he enjoyed all of them, he showed his worth in football.

So much so that he received multiple full-ride scholarship offers. He committed to Weber State for football in the spring of 2021. Ultimately, Ammon decided to serve his mission and is currently serving in Guatemala.

Abe also played varsity basketball and ran track; he belongs to the class of 2021. For Abe, basketball was not just a season. It was a year-round sport, playing whenever he got the opportunity. 

Unfortunately, he hurt himself repeatedly from his junior to senior season. Like his older brother, he also decided to serve a mission and is currently serving in El Salvador.

Ziya is currently a sophomore at Lakeland High School. She made varsity volleyball as a freshman and also runs track.

Jacob Munyer did not begin his career at Lakeland High School. He began teaching in Washington, where he was removed due to his energetic nature. While some people may not agree with his methods, many of his students love him. “I love it when a student’s mind just clicks, and I can see it in their face,” says Munyer.

He began teaching at Lakeland Junior High School. His wife currently teaches at Lakeland Middle School as a Spanish and careers teacher.

When both of his older sons got to high school, Munyer decided to switch to senior high school. He then began to coach track and field. His high energy makes him a perfect track and field coach.

A Lakeland athlete, Riley May, stated, “He’s definitely encouraging and overall a good coach.” 

Munyer always encourages students who do not play spring sports to join track and field; he truly enjoys coaching.

Munyer’s daughter Ziya participates in track and field, which she enjoys. 

While Jacob Munyer has made a significant impact on Lakeland High School, he has also made an impact on the local community. He served on the Rathdrum city council and wanted to make a legitimate difference in the lives of community members. 

Jacob Munyer is a teacher, family man, coach, and a good citizen. He genuinely cares about everyone in his life, whether it be one of his kids, his students, or even the people in the community positively affected by his generous actions.