Modern Warfare 2 Game Review


Maylin Knoblich, Review Writer

Call of Duty is a game franchise familiar to almost anybody. It is such a household name that certain grandparents are aware of various games. What does the newest release for the 2022-23 year have in store for the community?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled to be released on Friday, October 28th, but if it was digitally pre-ordered, the campaign would be available for use on October 10th.

An open beta test for the multiplayer was released on September 24th and ran through the 26th. This was the first-ever look into what the game would be like, and this beta received positive reactions from the community. 

This game has been built on a brand-new engine closely based on Modern Warfare 2019. Modern Warfare 2 has many of the mechanics that Modern Warfare had, such as stabilizing weapons on walls and covers. In the campaign mode, new features have also been added, like a backpack and crafting wheel.

The campaign mode story was phenomenal. (Spoilers ahead) Blowing away an enemy general with missiles from only a few miles away, enough to feel the blast. This is perfectly on par with who he is as a character.

The characters were made very well; So well that the characters grow as people, all while the story unfolds in front of you. For example, in the beginning of the story, the ghost makes a remark that they could have caught one of the main antagonists (Hassan) if they had not tried to secure the position of the crashed-friendly helicopter. 

There were also some amazing moments in this story that were very memorable. From the time they created the Ghost team, after Ghost revealed his identity to the group, all the way to the time Captain Price freaked out on General Shepard at ordering them to be eliminated.

There were also some very noticeable and innovative accessory settings that I noticed during my playthrough. The names in the subtitles would be yellow, red, or green, depending on their association with your character. If they are bad, they are red, blue is friendly, and yellow is unsure about their association. During the double crosses of Graves and Shepard, they would be blue while talking until showing their true intentions. Their subtitles would then turn red. 

This was such good attention to detail by the developers at Infinity Ward that my mind was blown when I realized this detail. 

Overall, this game so far is excellent. I highly recommend it. The game, as of now, hasn’t been released, but I personally can not wait until it is released so we can get our hands on the multiplayer. I’m also very excited to see all the different game modes that will be released, along with the campaign and multiplayer.