College Week With Ms. Paquette


Diego Aguilar, News Writer

After graduation, students are exposed to many new opportunities. Trade schools, colleges, workforce training, and many more. Many students have no idea what they want to do with their lives after high school. Luckily, Lakeland high school has Mrs. Paquette, the college and career advisor.

Paquette has done so much for students since she stepped foot at Lakeland High School. 

She was the same person who hosted the personality test, the test that helps find an ideal career based on your personality. Paquette has done some serious heavy lifting when it comes to showing students opportunities during and after high school.

This past week has been an example of her work. College application week has taken place over this past week. Representatives from North Idaho College, the University of Idaho, and Idaho State have come and spoken to seniors about opportunities regarding their colleges. At the same time, seniors had the opportunity to take class time to apply for colleges.

College application week doesn’t stop there. Prizes were awarded, from backpacks and t-shirts to bracelets. This was a great opportunity for students to get engaged while thinking about their future after high school.

Many students who did not even want to consider attending college decided to apply to colleges around Idaho. A student who would prefer to remain anonymous said, “I never thought about going to college, and I still don’t, but I realized it’s good to have a backup.”

Asher Pack, a student at STEM, said, “I want to go to the University of Hawaii. I want to study sports medicine, but I don’t really know where to start.” While only a junior, he has received some guidance from his school as to the process.

In addition to college application week, seniors have received FAFSA nights. These FAFSA nights are hosted by local school districts in order to help students apply for federal financial aid. The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a form that must be filled out to receive financial aid from the government to go to college. This form allows you to see what grants seniors are entitled to.

A grant that Paquette has put a lot of emphasis on is the Pell grant. This grant is $6,895, which students do not have to pay back. This is free money that you may do whatever you want with. Many students who go to North Idaho College pay off their tuition with the Pell grant and use the rest of the money for food or an apartment.

This past week has been extremely beneficial for students looking into college. The students who do not want to go to college have been offered help to get into the workforce training.