Buff Puff Setting Itself Up for Success


Zoee Young, Opinion Writer

Who says guys can not play volleyball too?

On October 25, at 7 p.m., Lakeland High School will be hosting its first boys’ volleyball tournament, Buff Puff. 

When the event was initially announced, the student council handed out over 100 sign-up sheets. All boys interested in playing in the Buff Puff game had to fill out a form and pay $15 for registration, which included a Buff Puff team t-shirt. Some were excited about being able to make their own teams. 

Along with Buff Puff being a fun athletic event, it is also being held for a good cause. All the registration money and money paid to get into the game are being donated. Proceeds from the Buff Puff game will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Senior Thomas Calder said, “The reason behind doing Buff Puff is because I want to help raise money for breast cancer, and I am also on a really good team.”

The Buff Puff game was inspired by student council who were required to do an in-service project. The council decided they wanted to raise money in October for breast cancer. Senior ASB president Piper Reilly said, “We thought of a Buff Puff game to raise funds because powder puff was such a big hit.” 

The boys are very excited about the upcoming game. Senior Collin Cameron stated, “I am super stoked about the Buff Puff game. I am excited to show everyone that the boy’s basketball team is also the best volleyball team.” 

The student body of Lakeland High School was shocked to hear that participating in the game would be a teacher team.

Christopher Ward, a social studies teacher at Lakeland High School, states, “When I heard about the Buff Puff game, I had to see if we could do a teacher team. The idea had to go to student council, and they approved the staff team.”  

As of right now, there are nine LHS staff members competing in the tournament.

Make sure to cheer on all the boys and staff in this intense volleyball tournament and support a good cause: breast cancer awareness. 

Admission is $7 or $5 with ASB. Admission is free with the purchase of the Buff Puff t-shirt at the door.