Fall has Begun


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

As the fall season starts, Lakeland High School students are excited about the activities, holidays, and scents the season brings.

Students at LHS have many reasons to be excited about fall activities. 

Many students are excited about the fall holidays. 

“Halloween is by far my favorite part of fall. Halloween has so many fun things with friends,” said Logan Harris. 

Other students think that the time leading up to Halloween also has a lot of fun activities. 

“Watching Halloween movies cozied up on the couch is always fun. My favorite thing is carving pumpkins,” said Olivia Gibson, an LHS student. 

Other students like Kenna Simmon have similar fall interests to Gibson. 

Simon enjoys doing things that involve celebrating Halloween and just the fall season itself. 

“I love going to pumpkin patches and walking through them. I also love Halloween movies,” said Simon. 

Autumn can be a very happy time for students in North Idaho. 

Many students enjoy the scenery that comes at the beginning of fall. 

“I feel at ease and calm during the fall season,” said Gibson. “It brings me a lot of joy seeing all the leaves change colors.”  

Harris also enjoys the fall colors of leaves, pumpkins, and decorations. 

However, towards the end of fall, students feel stuck between two seasons. 

“My least favorite thing about fall is when all of the leaves are gone right before winter, but there isn’t any snow yet. It’s just cold, and everything just looks so dead and bland,” said Harris. 

Gibson agrees that she enjoys the fall time less when the weather is not doing well. 

“I hate when the leaves on the ground get all soggy. It makes me feel uncomfortable and even colder,” said Gibson. 

Fall is also known for its scents used in drinks, candles, food, and perfumes. 

LHS students like all different kinds of scents that come with the autumn season. 

“I love things that are flavored cinnamon. The smell gives me a cozy feeling and makes me feel warm inside,” said Gibson. 

Simon enjoys scents and flavors like pumpkin because they are fitting to the season. 

Students like Harris enjoy more natural scents. 

“I love the smell of leaves in the fall when they change colors and start falling off trees,” said Harris. 

LHS students are excited for the 2022-2023 fall season and all the fun things that come with it.