Baby Quails!


Hadley West, Opinion Editor

Baby Coturnix Quails, also called Japanese quails, can be found in the science wing of Lakeland High School in Dr. John Rockett’s classroom. 

The quail eggs, which were given to Dr. Rockett by his daughter, were incubated in the classroom and have recently hatched into chicks. 

The addition helps to show the processes of their life and see part of the life cycle.

Dr. Rockett, the Biology teacher at Lakeland High School, decided to bring the quails in when he found that some of the eggs might be fertilized. Since he had an incubator already, trying to breed the quails in the classroom seemed like a fun project. 

Both students he teaches and does not teach have loved checking and watching them daily to see them progress. During a biology test, two of the eggs hatched, and for a few minutes, ‘exam conditions’ were not followed to watch. One of the best parts about their presence is seeing the interest they generate from the students coming to see them.

Being a biology class, the quail’s presence enhances the biology experience just by them being alive. Looking at plants and pictures in the book can only spark so much interest in the students. 

“It’s ducks next!” Rockett said.

Having the quails in the classroom adds tons to the curriculum and excites students.

Katie Cameron, a sophomore in Dr. Rockett’s Biology class, loves seeing the baby quails every day in class. The quails entertain and give the students something to focus on while in class. Many of the students have begun naming babies, such as Katie, who has named one Katie Cameron, Jr. 

“Watching Dr. Rockett with the chicks is the best part of them. He is so fatherly and always has his face an inch from the glass talking to them…  when something happens to them, he gets so worried,” Katie said.

I think having something that is not a book adds interest to a class and makes me want to show up. A baby animal is a perfect addition to class and having the ability to watch them grow and develop makes it that much more special. 

When I went to Dr. Rocket’s classroom to look at the baby birds, I was overwhelmed by the sight of pure cuteness. 

Go see the adorable quails!