Florence Bruns, News Writer

It’s lunchtime. The bell rings, and everyone rushes out the door. Their stomachs are rumbling, but so are their bank accounts. 

For the past few years, Lakeland High School provided free lunch. This was due to COVID-19 and everyone having to stay home. But now that everyone can get back onto their feet, some things have changed. 

Eating out isn’t an affordable option for the time being, but neither is eating at school. 

There are three options for students, and it is based on your parent’s income. The first option is qualifying for a whole year of free food. The second qualifies for half the year, and the third simply pays the amount you owe.

This system allows the lunch ladies to limit the amount of food eaten and prevent waste. Even then, the extra food goes to the teacher staff lounge, so no food goes to waste.   

Many people leave campus to eat instead of paying for school lunches. 

“I have never been too fond of the school food, and I have found it not too hard to buy something from the store,” said Maddlyn Williams.

She also mentioned how it was hard to eat the food because it was bland, and she didn’t see any nutritional value. 

Aspen Lawson mentioned that making her own food is not an inconvenience. 

“I want to be able to watch what is in my food,” said Lawson.  

She explained further that it was also a struggle whenever she walked into the lunch room because it was too hectic. 

“The food is okay, but in my opinion, most of the things don’t seem very beneficial,” said Brelyn Ganske, an LHS senior. She adds that things can get confusing due to the layout of the lines. 

Having school lunch is excellent as a backup, but it’s not my first choice. Some of the feedback is about having a better lunch line layout. 

“Having more directness would be a step towards making it better,” said Lawson.

The lunch ladies are excellent workers; they do their very best at their job.
“I love being able to see the students; it’s my favorite part of checking students out,” Robin Schedin, an LHS lunch lady, says. “I am very impressed with the courtesy of the students; they are respectful and kind.”

There is not much disrespectful behavior, but something that the lunch ladies appreciate is when students take responsibility for their actions. 

“It is important to accept your own faults,” Schedin said. “It is important for the students to know the system.” 

The lunch ladies love the students and being able to work with them.

“They need to know that the food is served and made with love,” Jan Davis says. 

Doing this will allow lunch ladies to give feedback to administrators who control the food supply.