Hunting Season Begins


Hadley West, Opinion Editor

“Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.”- Elmer Fudd.

Hunting is a huge part of the Idahoan and Lakeland High school student body lifestyle.

Thomas Calder, a senior at LHS, has been an avid hunter since he was seven and has learned from his dad. He can be found in the woods, preferably in North Idaho, when he is not doing an extracurricular activity. 

His favorite animal to hunt is an elk because they are challenging yet rewarding when onto them and tracking them down. Being committed is key to successful hunting. It is not easy, and you don’t always get one. The more time you spend getting experience and learning new places, the better hunter you will become. 

“Some people should not have a gun in their hands, though,” Calder said. 

Gun safety is essential when hunting in order to come home safely, and some people may not understand that concept. 

Hans Pluid, a junior at LHS, started hunting four years ago when he was able to take hunters ed. He likes being in the woods, missing school, and experiencing adrenaline rushes from being in the wild. 

“My favorite way to hunt is hound hunting for bears or mountain lions. You can watch your hounds track down the animal and reward your dogs for their work,” Pluid said. 

Every hunter has their own methods, whether it’s road hunting, hiking, or sitting and waiting in one spot. 

When hunting season arrives, student attendance tends to dwindle.

Marti Fuhriman, an administrative assistant at LHS, has the job of dealing with absent students. Whether it is a day or a week, the school likes to know ahead of time to mark you absent. When students are gone, their parents tend to lie on their behalf, but they can simply tell the truth. 

“Students miss school for sports, and hunting technically qualifies,” Fuhriman said. 

Hunting has been a part of my life for as long as I remember, and I have started hunting myself recently. My dad is a skilled hunter, but usually, the animals feel safe when they see I am the one hunting them. I thoroughly enjoy it even though I am not the best, and it is funny to watch my dad shake his head when I am incapable of shooting on target.