Classroom Aesthetics


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Every teacher’s classroom at Lakeland High School is unique and has a certain aesthetic to it. 

The teachers at LHS take great pride in how their classroom looks and how it can help students. 

The teachers at Lakeland like to decorate classrooms that are patriotic, relative to their classes, and relative to specific themes and items of their personal lives. 

A classroom in which a student can feel relaxed is something that LHS teachers take very seriously. 

“I try to have a classroom that helps them feel comfortable, so they aren’t stressed and on edge,” said Colleen Bevacqua, a teacher at LHS. 

Bevacqua also has items in her classroom that she keeps as memories. 

These memories surrounding Bevacqua keep her mood up as she teaches throughout the day. 

“I have a drawer full of thank-you notes from past students and athletes. They help brighten my day if I need a pick-me-up,” said Bevacqua. “I have pictures, notes, and items students/athletes have given me or made for me. I love all of them, especially my painted ceiling tiles.” 

Teachers like Allison Knoll have a specific theme in their classrooms. 

Knoll has a “bright and cheery” feeling to the classroom decorations that she put up. 

“The second you walk into my classroom, you know right away that I love flamingos. It is decked out in pink and teal with lots of flamingos,” said Knoll. “ Pink is my favorite color, and it pairs nicely with the teal cabinets in the back of the room. It was a natural fit, and the flamingos are pink.” 

Knoll takes great pride in her classroom and how she decorated it. 

She managed to put things in her classroom that both reflected her and set a good environment for her students. 

Knoll believes it is crucial to have a classroom in which students will feel comfortable. 

“I think that a positive environment is so important for students. If they see that you have put time and energy into making your place a welcoming place, they will know that you value what you do in that space,” said Knoll.

Rebecca Hasz, the Spanish teacher at LHS, believes that her classroom should be comfortable for her students as well. 

However, Hasz believes that the comfort of the classroom should still be somewhat professional so students can still be productive. 

“One that is comfortable but not too comfortable. One that allows for stimulation but within reason,” said Hasz. 

Hasz also thinks it is important for her to feel comfortable in her own classroom. 

“I spend a large portion of my life in this room. I want it to be a place others and I would want to be in,” said Hasz. 

John Keating likes to decorate his classroom similarly to his class types. His classroom decorations relate to history. He also likes to hang up flags in his classroom. 

Having a decorated class keeps Keating’s students involved in his teaching. 

“It helps them feel included and energized,” said Keating. 

The classroom aesthetic that each classroom at Lakeland has is unique and fits their own needs.