Free Periods


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

As students at Lakeland High School reach higher grades, they are able to start taking free periods. 

Free periods are given to students when they have enough credits in their schedule to take less than six classes. 

Kyla Holte, a student at LHS, was able to have a free period fourth period for her junior year. 

“During my free period, I usually go to the library and work on my homework or study for tests. Some days I will go home for a little while since my free period is right before lunch,” said Holte. 

Although a free period is a good time to be productive with schoolwork, it can also be nice to have a little break. 

Students like Holte believe this to be a disadvantage because it takes her out of work mode. 

“The one disadvantage that I have found comes with having a free period is the desire to not get any work done and to just take a break during my free time,” said Holte. 

Holte also found that having a free period helps out by giving her more time in the afternoon to do what she enjoys. 

With sports taking up much of Holte’s time, having a free period is very helpful. 

“For student-athletes, a free period is beneficial. It gives you time to study for tests and to do your homework, time that you might not have otherwise due to games or practice,” said Holte. 

There are other students who are lucky enough to have two free periods in their schedule. 

Ella Terzulli, a junior at LHS, has a free period during third and sixth periods. 

Terzulli uses this time for several different purposes. 

“I use it to work on homework, get food or take a nap,” said Terzulli. 

Terzulli is in several college classes. Such a demanding schedule can put a lot of pressure and school work on a student. 

Having two free periods has helped Terzulli to balance all of her classes. 

“You get to take a break and relax, which is helpful when you have stressful classes,” said Terzulli. 

This goal of having a free period can push students to try hard in school, so eventually, they can have free periods. 

Treyton Quintana attends KTEC, so he is not able to have free periods. 

“Since I go to KTEC, I can’t have a free period. I wish I did, but the spots I thought I could have them in were filled by other classes,” said Quintana. 

Having free periods is a privilege that students at LHS are very grateful to have.