Acing His Way Through Golf Season


Florence Bruns, News Writer

Golf is a game that requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and confidence. Brady Hanna embodied all those traits during his career with the Lakeland golf team. 

Brady Hanna finished the season, taking 8th place at the Idaho 4A boys’ golf tournament at Sage Lakes Golf Course in Idaho Falls. 

“Going to state this year was very different because I was more prepared and had better confidence in myself,” Hanna said. 

Hanna made the trip to Idaho Falls a day early to get some practice, but unfortunately, he injured his wrist. He fought through the pain throughout the weekend. 

The weather was a lot different because it wasn’t in the fall last year, but the course was great, Hanna said. He said the competition was very good, and it was nice being able to focus on himself. 

“I am very proud of how Brady did, not only the way he performed but how he took what he did in golfing and used it in other aspects of his life,” Coach Rick Anderson said. “He was fantastic and really concentrated on what he needed to do, he practiced wisely, and even though he had an injury, he was persistent.” 

Hanna would come up with a plan and fight through the pain. 

“He was in a difficult situation. He battled at 73 on a tough golf course,” Anderson said. He did very well on the first day, and on the second day, he seemed to duplicate the first. He put himself in a position for the leaderboard because of the way he played. 

“I will miss golfing with Coach Anderson because he didn’t focus on just the sport and winning, but he also made sure that you had a good experience and friendship with it as well,” Hanna added. 

“It is very difficult to find someone who will do what he did, and we need to use him as a role model,” he said. “Maybe we could take some DNA and clone him.” 

One of the most significant differences was that it was just Brady and his coach at state this season. “It was nice not having to worry about my team and to be able to focus on myself, but I did miss the support,” Hanna said. I felt better prepared and more confident than I did my first year at state. 

“I will miss golfing with Lakeland, and not just for golf, but because of the team. It was such a joy being part of it.” Many memories were made between Anderson and Hanna throughout his four high school years.