A Scarywood Employee; Behind the Scenes


Melia Blackwell, Opinion Writer

Scarywood Haunted Nights is now open Thursdays from 7-11, then Fridays and Saturdays from 7-12. Employees/Staff Show up 2 hours before the park opens, and some stay 2 hours after park close. Our shift is seven and a half hours long, but it feels like it’ll never end.

Although the staff is in the building, we are there up until 2 am sometimes. We get to leave earlier if guests leave at the desired time, but most nights, we’re stuck there, having to refold and restock with customers in the store nonstop. 

Scarers are the main thing, and some even put a lot of time and effort into their costume. Varying from the voice, the walk, and the screams. Some scare even lose their voices over it. 

In retail stores like Sweet Treats, Candy Store, etc., we do not get to leave until everyone in the park, sometimes store, leaves.

The Front Coffee House, which is the big pink building near the entrance of the park, is the last building one passes when leaving the park. Sometimes the staff leaves after the security guards. 

Riley May, a member of the ‘Coffee House Gang,’ was in the back stockroom organizing Scarywood merchandise. 

“It’s kind of difficult getting yourself through the 7.5-hour shift, especially when we get our breaks right as the park opens. It makes time feel like it’ll never pass,” says May. “Sometimes I hope that we get our breaks earlier or at least get to leave on time.”

The scarers have a more risky job. They can’t touch people or scare people who work there. Most actors/actresses can tell when you’re faking or being overly dramatic.

If a scarer jumpscares an employee, especially one walking through the park with a cash till, they can get into huge trouble, especially if the till is damaged. 

“You never know if a scarer will know if it’s you when you’re walking through. Our uniforms are almost casual; the only difference is the logo,” says May.

Everyone is on edge, always worrying about the worst possible outcome. As a regular staff member, you have to sell the attractions and make the park seem not as scary. You also have to comfort some guests who genuinely feel like they couldn’t handle being jumped or chased.

Chucky hides on the rocks and by the bushes.