Save time: Order Online


Aly Caywood, News Writer

It’s never a good feeling to get turned away from the coffee shop because the line is too long. Lakeland’s Social Bean has recently provided a solution. Online ordering will allow students to order drinks and get them guaranteed. 

Suzie Nichols, a senior at Lakeland High School, came up with the idea after noticing other coffee shops begin to use online ordering. The Joe app is used by local coffee shops like Jitterz Espresso, Cuppa Columbian Caffe, and now, Lakeland’s Social Bean. 

The goal of online ordering is to help allow people to get their drinks without having to wait in a long line. 

“Once people know about and begin to use it, I think it will help shorten lines and make things run much smoother,” said Nichols. 

This will help the Social Bean staff get to everyone’s order and not have to turn people away due to time limitations.

Allison Knoll said the Social Bean has had to turn people away in the morning and after lunch because there was not enough time to get to all the orders. Of course, that is not the most favorable option, but not much else can be done. With the new online ordering, it will be much easier to get through everyone’s orders. 

“It takes more time to ring them up than to make the drinks,” said Nichols. 

After establishing the idea to order online, Knoll contacted the Joe company and uploaded the menu.

“The Joe app is really great,” said Knoll, “It’s really easy to use.”

Online ordering also allows customers to pay through the app. There is also the option to upload a balance to the Joe app, which can be done with Apple pay and other methods. This allows customers to pay before arriving so they can grab their drink and go. 

Each month, there is a Monthly Special, which is a featured drink fitting the theme of the month. October’s Monthly Special is called “Hocus Pocus” and is a blue lotus with strawberry and blue raspberry. This way, students can see and order the Monthly Special from the Joe app. 

By ordering online, students can be entered into a drawing for a $20.00 gift card to the Social Bean. Each time someone orders online, they are entered into the drawing.

Knoll and Suzie Nichols both said, “Order online!” 

It will help the Social Bean and the school!