Flea Market Politics


Diego Aguilar, Opinion Writer

With the massive success of the Travis Scott meal two years ago, Mcdonald’s has taken its time to craft something to blow us away again. Mcdonald’s has just announced that they will now have adult happy meals for sale, the first of which is the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box.

The Cactus Plant Flea Market brand has recently seen wild success with amazing collaborations. These collaborations range from Nike to Travis Scott himself. This latest collab from Mcdonald’s is no exception.

One of the main concerns that the 2020 Travis Scott meal had was that there was nothing relating to Travis Scott in the meal. This new box has fixed that problem marvelously. The amount of detail put into the box is breathtaking.

This box features artwork by Cactus Plant Flea Market, your choice of a Big Mac™ or a ten-piece nugget with a side of fries. While this is awesome on its own, the star of the show is the collectible that comes inside the box. There are four possible collectibles in total: Birdie the Early bird, The Hamburglar, Cactus Buddy, and Grimace.

The original Travis Scott collab had some cleverly designed merchandise. This collab is no exception. Currently, there is a website dedicated to selling limited-edition clothing from this recent collaboration. While most items are pricey, the website will only be up once. As of Friday, Oct. 7, there are only three days left to purchase this limited edition Cactus Plant Flea Market McDonald’s merchandise. 

While the entire collaboration is exciting and groundbreaking, a few people do not think so. “It’s just an average Mcdonald’s box, and it’s expensive,” states Matthew Wirtz, Lakeland High School’s local critic.

A 10-piece nugget costs $4.50. A medium fry comes in at $1.69, and another $1.69 for the medium drink. Together this makes $7.88, which is a whopping difference of $2.12. We can assume that the one-of-a-kind plastic collectible makes up the difference; whether you think it’s worth it is up to you.

If you choose the Big Mac™ option, you get slightly less value, with a big mac coming in at $3.99. The value of the food in the meal is $7.37 leaving you with a difference of $2.63.

With this all in consideration, the collectibles have the potential to grow in value. All four collectibles together are currently being sold for $76 on StockX. Whether anyone will buy them is a mystery, but it is something to take into consideration. Individual figures are being listed for up to $20.

It is too early to tell if these collectibles are really worth what they’re listed as. After speaking to an amateur sneaker reseller, there are a couple of variables that are to be considered before doing anything irrational.

The fact that the collectibles are sold in a meal means that they are mass-produced. When an item is mass-produced, it means that it loses a lot of value. Shoes like Jordan can be sold at a higher value because there is a limited quantity. For example, Nike only makes 300,000 Air Jordan One’s per size unless it is a special collaboration. The Cactus Plant Flea Market Collectables are to be placed in the hundred millions.

Whether you want to make some money on this collaboration or not, the box is very unique, and it is highly recommended that everyone try it at least once.