Skiing vs. Snowboarding


Zoee Young, News Writer

“Sticks and boards may break my bones, but the snow will never hurt me.” -Zack Roses.

When the topic of which snow sport is better, skiing or snowboarding, is discussed, there is a great debate.  

During the winter, all some Lakeland High School students talk about is heading up to Schweitzer or Lookout to ski or snowboard. But the question is, which one is better?

Senior, Alex Brown, states, “Skiing is better because I am scared of snowboards. I do not have sticks to stabilize me with snowboarding.” 

This may be true, but some skiers prefer to ski without poles. 

“I suck at snowboarding. Skiing without poles makes grabs easier, and there is more freedom,” Junior Connor Carvajal said. 

Junior, Caiden Golob, is also very passionate about skiing. 

Golob said, “I have tried snowboarding a couple of times before, but it is nothing like skiing. I have grown up skiing, and it is like nothing else in the world.”

There is not any correct answer to which one is better. Each sport requires an entirely different skill set—however, the majority of students snowboard. 

Junior, Hans Pluid, said, “I have grown up snowboarding, and that is what I have always been taught. I have never tried skiing, and I never will.”

Students usually stick with one or the other. It is rare to see people who do both. 

Junior, Olivia Jeffries, stated, “Once you try one and get good at it, you do not really care to try the other. I have learned to snowboard and got good at it. So I will not try skiing.”

A large majority of people will choose to go to Schweitzer Ski Resort. Others go to Silver Mountain Resort or Lookout. 

People who ski will always say it is better, and people who snowboard will always say it is better than skiing. There will always be an ongoing debate about which one of the winter sports is better, and everyone has their own opinions on it. 

But whatever you do, skiing or snowboarding, make sure you stay safe up on the mountain this year. And if you have never tried either of them, then maybe it would not hurt to try one of the two. Most of the student body skis or snowboards and has a lot of fun with it.