Transitioning from Middle to High School


Florence Bruns, News Writer

Going from school to school is essentially graduating when you think about it. You start with pre-school taking you to elementary, then middle school, to high school. Middle school is such a wild experience for most. You are getting older and experiencing new challenges. Even though it can be exciting to get older, it comes with many struggles. 

I was never able to attend Lakeland middle school because of being homeschooled, but many students have. Fortunately, I had the ability to talk to these people and ask them how their time at the middle school was and what they went through. 

After talking to some freshmen, I learned that middle school could be a challenge for many, but some more than others. 

Riley Messerschmidt talks about her experience in middle school. “It was great academically, but socially not so much.” She explains how her peers were very rude, and it was a struggle to connect with her teachers. 

Hunter Avriett talks about how middle school was strict, whereas high school seems pretty laid back. “It was kind of scary to arrive at high school,” He had a lot of mixed feelings because he had only experienced it in middle school. Now that he is here, it is not as intimidating as he thought it would be, “It was not as hard as the middle school said it would be.” They gave preparation, but not for what we needed. He said they met with 8th graders, which gave them an idea of what the future would be like

I quickly learned that it is a hard time for kids, whether making friends or just getting along with teachers. Transitioning from middle school to high school is electrifying for most incoming freshmen. Riley talks about how they prepared you in middle school, and the open house was a good head start. 

Not only is middle school an exciting time for children, but also teachers. Having to gain control and trust along with a good relationship with various students can be difficult. 

Some of Lakeland’s High School teachers have also taught in middle school. I met with Mr. Munyer and discussed his time working with middle school students. He was a teacher at Post Falls middle school for four years and at Lakeland middle school for five years, totaling nine years. 

“The environment grows on you, but it is very challenging for the students because they have difficulty figuring out their time there.” Munyer misses helping students learn their boundaries. 

Going from middle school to high school wasn’t much of a problem for Munyer because he started out in high school and went back and forth a few times. The seniors he has now, he has taught since 7th grade, which is such a cool thing for Munyer because he has been able to see them grow and change into new people. 

Munyer’s final thoughts were, “The difference between high school and middle school is the maturity level, and sometimes it can be easier to teach middle school students because there is so much more room to grow and be able to inspire them.” 

The transition from middle school to high school is significant because they are able to see people who are older than them and how they deal with high school. This can sometimes be an inspiring experience. 

I encourage you to find a freshman and be friends with them because, ultimately, they need someone to help guide them. The maturity difference can show a lot, but when older peers step up and take a role in helping them, then you can see the change in them.