To Drive or not to Drive?


Zoee Young, News Writer

Earning your driver’s license gives students a new level of freedom. Most junior and senior students at Lakeland High School have their licenses. A minimal amount of freshmen get their licenses throughout the school year. 

It is rare for students not to want to get their driver’s licenses. Many students are ecstatic to drive independently, while others do not care much about it. 

Some students choose not to drive. Junior, Ella Haug, does not have her driver’s license. “All my friends have their licenses, and I do not want mine. I am an excellent driver, but I have just been working on driver’s ed for two years, and I have renewed it four times now,” Haug states. 

Junior Brayden Tirri also does not have his driver’s license. Tirri’s reasoning for not having his license is, “I have not gotten a car yet. My savings book has not filled up enough to afford a car.” 

Some students find no reason to get their driver’s license when their friends have it and are willing to drive them around. 

Tirri says, “I get a ride to school every morning from my bestie. I always find my way of getting places.”

Being unable to drive as a high school student can be extremely hard to get to after-school activities or anywhere else students need to get. Parents are busy people too. Students can not rely on their parents for a ride all the time. 

Ella Haug explains, “Not having my license makes it hard for me to go shopping whenever I want. It is a struggle to find rides in the morning.”

Getting your driver’s license is a big step toward becoming an adult. Driving takes excellent responsibility. Maybe one day, Tirri and Haug will receive their driver’s licenses, so they will not have to keep relying on people for rides. 

Stay safe on the roads that surround Lakeland High School. You never know when a student driver is ruling the streets and taking over with their impaired driving. Buckle up because it is the law!