Parent-Student Duos in Lakeland High School


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

It can be weird having a parent around all the time, but at Lakeland High School, a handful of students go to school every day with their parents. 

Several teachers at Lakeland High School are parents to students who also attend the school. 

Claire Kelley, a junior at LHS, is the daughter of the science teacher, Laura Kelley. 

This is Claire’s second year at Lakeland and Laura’s second year teaching a Lakeland.

Claire finds that having her mom work at the school has its perks. 

“Their classroom is always a backup place to store things and pass the time when you’re bored,” said Claire. “You also get free food.” 

Having a parent as a teacher also gives Claire the advantage of ensuring she is in classes that are best suited for her. 

There are also advantages for Laura Kelley since her daughter goes to the same school. 

“I always know what is going on and who they are hanging out with and what they are doing,” said Laura. “However it’s tough because I always hear stuff from students or have students in my class that are full of drama or don’t work to their potential, and it’s hard to not be like, don’t be friends with that person because of their behavior in my class or because I have heard the gossip.”

However, having a parent working in the same school can lead to a lack of privacy. 

“They know everything that is going on with all of the drama, even when you don’t want them to,” said Claire. 

When a student has a teacher that is their parent, it can make school easier. 

Claire had her mom as a teacher and enjoyed the environment it created. 

“I have had her as a teacher. It was good; I liked having my mom as a teacher because she is more chill with me, and I don’t necessarily worry about a lot of stuff,” said Claire. 

However, Laura feels like having her daughter in class is no different than having other students that are not her kid. 

Laura tries her hardest to keep it professional and treat claire equally. 

“My kid gets treated like every other student. It’s irritating to her sometimes. She is a really good kid with good grades, so it makes things easier,” said Laura. 

Ben Ryan, an LHS student, has both of his parents at the same school. William Ryan and Lorain Ryan both work at LHS. 

Ben does not mind that his parents work at the school. 

“To be honest, having parents that work at your school isn’t that bad,” said Ben Ryan. “Especially if neither of them is your teacher because then you only see them passing in the hallways and don’t feel like they’re always watching you.” 

William Ryan feels similar about interacting with his kids while at work. 

William does his best to make sure he is professional with his family members while at work. 

There are staff members who do not teach that have kids that attend the school as well. 

Armed guard John Hatcher has a sophomore daughter who attends LHS, Liberty Hatcher. 

John loves being able to see his kid while at work. 

“I love it. It’s fun trying to embarrass her,” said John Hatcher. 

Liberty also enjoys having her dad at school. 

She takes advantage of it when she can. 

“I think it’s fun; you can just go see him if you are bored or want to talk with him,” said Liberty. “It’s also nice because you know all the teachers before you come to high school from times you came to the school before.”

Having a teacher/staff member working at the school can have both advantages and disadvantages, but it is overall a good thing for the staff and students.