Clean Sweep


Rylee Dragon, Sports Editor

Senior night was a success. 

The Lakeland Hawks went up against the Sandpoint Bulldogs for the second time in a row, beating the Bulldogs both times in just three sets. Not only did Lakeland take the win, but they were able to do so on the night dedicated to their seniors. 

This year’s team comprises four seniors: Emily Morlan, Ellie Carlson, Kenna Simon, and Addison Raebel. Throughout each set, these seniors greatly impacted the game’s outcome. 

Kenna, one of the players leaving Lakeland at the end of this year, assisted the team in the sweep. 

When asked about how she believes the Sandpoint game went, Kenna responded, “I think we played with some jitters, especially the seniors, but I think everybody really stepped up.”

Landree, Kenna’s younger sister, said, “Senior was especially sad for me since this is the last high school volleyball season I will play with her.” 

Despite the game against Sandpoint being an opportunity for the 2023 graduates to be recognized, various sophomores contributed. 

The first set was very close, and at one point, it was even tied at 17. Various aces at the end greatly helped the Hawks get an early lead on the Bulldogs. 

Nearing the center of the second set, the game was tied up. Numerous points were scored off of kills by Ziya Munyer, Landree, and Kenna Simon. 

The team pulled ahead at the end, shutting out Sandpoint 25-19. 

Once again, kills played an important role in the outcome of the third set. The hawks lost the lead in, falling behind 9-10, and they remained behind until scoring their 19th point. 

Senior Ellie Carlson executed multiple saves at the end, aiding the team in a 25-20 win.