An Early Exit


Florence Bruns, News Writer

Doesn’t everyone just want to get done with high school? Or even finish early? Aspen Lawson, a senior at Lakeland High School, has big plans ahead of her for the school year. Graduating is a big step in someone’s life, and for Aspen, she’s doing it a year early.  

Aspen grew up with three sisters and many animals, including ten pigs (at one point), chickens, cows, and many more. 

She has had four surgeries on her right leg. “I had surgery that tried to fix my fibular hemimelia,” said Lawson. 

Lawson took choir in seventh grade at STEM Charter, and she ended it her sophomore year. 

One thing Aspen is known for is her amazing outfits. Not only does she dress up, but she puts in a ton of effort into her everyday outfits. 

Spirit week is a great way to keep students full of joy and spread enthusiasm throughout the school. Some people enjoy it a lot and really bring it with their outfits. Aspen enjoys dressing up and showing off her rad outfits. 

“I love showing spirit and having fun. I really just enjoy bringing whatever I have to offer,” Lawson said.

Aspen feels like it brings so much joy to be able to dress up, and she encourages it because it is an excellent way to express yourself. 

Graduating is an important step in someone’s life. It symbolizes all the hard work they put in. 

Her sophomore year was her first year back in public school after taking a break. After working hard, she ended up with enough credits to be a senior in 2022. 

“I was given the opportunity to skip my junior year, and I chose that,” Lawson said. As much as it is a joy to be able to graduate early, Aspen is sad that she will be missing out on a year of memories in high school. 

“I feel very accomplished with it, and I am very glad that I am able to do it,” said Lawson.  She also feels bad for leaving all her friends because they made many fun memories. 

Some of her plans for after high school includes moving out of state and exploring what really interests her.