First vs. Last Homecoming


Zoee Young, Opinion Writer

Lakeland High School students were surprised to hear that their homecoming was just two short weeks after school started. Every student was in a panic to make sure they had the most picture-perfect outfit. 

The freshman class at LHS was nervous because this was their first homecoming. They went into this blind. Lakeland’s freshmen had no idea what they were going into for homecoming week and the dance.

Freshman Reesa Saxe says, “I was a little nervous for the homecoming dance. I did not really know what to expect coming into it. After I went to the dance, it was way overhyped.” Freshmen never think about their last homecoming. They never start thinking it is their last until it actually is their last.

There are two types of people. Ones that love dressing up and going to dances. And the ones that do not care for it so much. 

However, the senior class at LHS was in tears thinking about this being their very last high school homecoming. Senior Thomas Calder and his girlfriend Piper Reilly had a fantastic opportunity to win homecoming king and queen. 

Calder’s thoughts on it were, “I thought being on homecoming royalty was really cool. It made me feel like everyone in the school was looking up to me.” Which they were. Teachers, parents, and students were all looking up to Thomas Calder.

It was unreal for the couple to be crowned king and queen. Piper Reilly states, “ This was a complete surprise to us. I never would have thought that it was us winning that night. It was a cool experience to win together since we have been dating all for years of high school.” 

For this being their last homecoming, Calder adds, “I was very sad to see it go, but all I wanted to do was make the best of this year’s homecoming and do everything in my power to help our class in homecoming overall.” 

Being a senior makes you think you can not take anything for granted. Make sure you attend everything and anything in high school because high school students will not always have the chance to. 

Piper Reilly and Thomas Calder had an experience to remember. Being crowned king and queen will stay with them for the rest of their lives.