Stranded on an Island


Hadley West, Opinion Editor

What do you do if you get stranded on an island?


Adults and children may do and bring different things to their uninhabited island just because of knowledge and life experience. 


A significant other may be the person you take because you can’t spend that much time without them; don’t take them, and it might be some much-needed alone time. 


Officer Hudson, the LHS resource officer, thinks that his kids are self-sufficient enough to bring his wife on the preferably hot deserted island with him. 


“If I had to bring something, I would bring a propane torch, so I would stay warm. I would use the propane torch to make diamonds, then with the satellite phone I found, I would call for a plane which I would pay for with the diamonds I made.” 


If you have kids, what are they going to do while you and your significant other are stranded on an island together? 


Sara Teel, a math teacher at LHS, would want to be on a hot island because she would rather be hot than cold. In order to get off the island, she would bring along a boat or satellite phone.


“I would bring my husband because I love him, and I wouldn’t want to be deserted on an island without him… When I’m not teaching, I’m with him”, Teel said about who she would bring with her. 


Sara Teel and Officer Hudson are both fans of their significant other, so they want to be stranded with them. 


Ezra Benson, a sophomore at LHS, would start a fire as soon as he found out he was stranded. “I would bring a hatchet because I could get firewood, start a fire, make shelter, and gather food with it… If I could bring someone, I would bring Bear Grylls; he could help me survive.” 


What is important in one’s life will influence what or who an individual brings, and someone’s life experience can determine how capable they are of surviving and escaping. 


I think the best item to take along is a knife because you can carve with it, use it as flint and steel, and hunt.


Personally, if I was stranded on an island and I had to choose someone to be there with me, I would choose Zach Bryan. If I was going to be stranded, I would want to look at a pretty face and listen to some good songs.