HOCO? Let’s go!


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Homecoming proposals have always been a cliche; posters, flowers, and teddy bears are given to dates and close friends. 


Posters can say anything, from Taylor Swift lyrics to mustache jokes. Students find creative ways to include interests and hobbies. 


This year, Lakeland students took advantage of doing homecoming proposals.  


Emma Marshall’s homecoming proposal was sports related. 


“Erik made a poster that said, Emma Marie, will you tee it up with me at Hoco?,” Marshall said. “It was super cute.”


Students like Heather Thompson were given posters that had humor. 


After a football game one day, Zack Kuenkler gave Thompson a poster that said had two checkboxes with the options ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ and said, ‘check one, please.’


“He threw a pen at me, so I picked it up and checked off both,” Thompson said. 


Other people like to make their homecoming proposals unique and non-traditional. 


Usually, the boy will ask the girl to homecoming. 


Shelby Wear did the opposite and asked her date to homecoming. 


“Girls can do it too, and I figured it would be fun since I like making posters so much,” Wear said. 


Wear spent a lot of time preparing to ask her homecoming proposal. 


“I spent two days working on everything. I had to paint the football, write on it, and make the sign,” Wear said.


Wear made a sign that said “let’s tackle Hoco” and a football that has the date of homecoming on it. 


Wear was glad she could be the one to ask and do something different than everyone else. 


“I would definitely recommend doing it. It was a lot of fun. People think only boys should be the ones to ask, but girls can ask just as much as boys,” Wear said. 


The effort and time that people put into asking their dates to homecoming is what makes it such a memorable experience. 


Being asked to homecoming gets students more excited about going to the dance and everything else that comes along with it. 


“Getting asked makes getting ready so much more exciting. It feels good to know someone puts that much effort into asking you to be their date,” said Olivia Gibson. 


Homecoming proposals add to the joy of homecoming week by being fun and creative.