Good Morning, and Welcome to Hello Hawks


Melia Blackwell, Opinion Writer

Homecoming week is wild, from all the crazy outfits to the wacky personalities emitted by trying to play the part.


In Hello Hawks, you have a variety of people who want to show their spirit, but it’s not just about showing spirit. Everyone wants to have their time in the spotlight, so it turns into a competition as whoever dresses up the best wins their spot as an anchor. 


Anchors are the stars. They practice the scripts, add fun to them and make it like their own saying to make them sound more natural. 


So far, the stars of the show have been Wyatt Aramburu, Ty Davis, and Keona Roemermann. Roemermann states, “Being in Hello Hawks makes you wanna dress up more. Dressing up gets you one step closer to being an anchor. I like to be an anchor because I like the attention.”


A Junior at Lakeland also involved with Hello Hawks is Jordan Bucaroff. He has been in this class since his Freshman year. Due to the pandemic, he was able to get in. “I like this class because it’s a good way to start off the day; it’s a positive start instead of sitting in a class where you have to sit there and potentially fall asleep.” 


Bucaroff also mentions how “Mrs. Knoll is a good teacher. She makes the class more fun. Some of my favorite things about this class would be anchoring and working behind the scenes. Though I hate editing videos, it takes forever.”


It’s a safe place in the first period. Everyone there likes and knows each other. In a way, the students understand each other. Their thought processes and communication are amazing, and you always know who is working on what and what ideas are going around.


When the Beverage Bracket aired on Hello Hawks, we all knew it’d be a big hit. We were all in the class watching the making of this video and laughed at the screams and silly decisions Wyatt and Ty had come up with.


Starting the week of the 3rd through the 7th of August, Hello Hawks will be starting a new show starring myself and Riley May, called “R&M Investigation.” We hope you enjoy this series that will be recorded throughout the remainder of the year. Further information will be mentioned the week of the first episode.


If you have a personal interest in showing off, making friends and entertaining the school, and you aren’t quite sure whether you want to join Hello Hawks or not. I highly recommend this class. It is a judgment-free zone. You get to be yourself and make people’s mornings.