Nicotine Implemented into LHS Drug Testing Policy


Hadley West, Opinion Editor

“You have failed the drug test.”

No one wants to hear those words said to them. Lakeland Highschool Athletics wants a drug-free program.

According to the official LHS Student Handbook, ¨drugs¨ classify as a substance recognized as a drug by the official U.S. Pharmacopeia, Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, and National Formulary. Also, substances intended for use in the diagnosis, care, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or animals.

Jimmy Hoffman, the principal of Lakeland High School, believes that it is important that our LHS students are drug-free. If students are doing drugs, they are not reaching their full potential.

Lakeland Athletics used to kick athletes off teams or suspend them for 30 days, but now they only suspend athletes from practice for ten days. The administration elected to take action in a better way because too many students are using high levels of nicotine on a daily basis.

“It’s always been a thing,” Hoffman said.

Students and teachers have very different opinions about drug tests and the addition of nicotine.

One anonymous student felt mutual about the matter; failing the drug test feels like your world is ending. Mostly because all the teachers know when you failed and think of you differently.

“Adding nicotine testing is dumb because it is a part of everyday life for every student at LHS. My parents let me smoke and vape, so I don’t see why it is the school’s business,” the student said.
Parenting techniques vary when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Sarah Nave, a teacher and parent at LHS would feel appalled, embarrassed, frustrated, and concerned if her son failed a drug test.

“I would want the administration to punish my son if he failed his drug test. Whatever the school rule is, they would enforce it on my son, so he learns consequences instead of it being ignored.”

Many students may act differently around teachers and their parents, so parents finding out their kid has failed may come as a shock.

Make your mommy proud and don´t do drugs.