Getting to Know Mr. Long


Florence Bruns, News Writer

On Sept. 6, the first day of school arrived. Friends reuniting and finding their classes leads them to find new and returning teachers. 


One returning teacher, Jerome Long, takes on the exciting adventure of being a math teacher. 


In previous years, he has been a substitute for multiple teachers, but it’s not the same as being in a class teaching. 


Long attended San Diego State University; he played football in college and was drafted to the NFL and played for the Cowboys, bouncing from team to team.  


After the birth of his first daughter, he retired. The father of four then moved to San Francisco Bay, where he took the jobs of being a car salesman, a firefighter, and a police officer before moving to Idaho.


What encouraged Long to become a math teacher? He stated, “I know I had wanted to teach math since the 4th grade,” one day when he finished early in math, he helped fellow students. 


Ever since then, he has had an ever-growing passion for teaching math. “Whenever I helped people with math, it gave this gratifying feeling.”


Long has been very excited about the school year after taking a break, and he was eager to get back to teaching. 


“It has been hard to be away,” Long said.  


At some point, everyone has made goals, whether their first year in high school or their last. Goals can be an essential thing and can help people look for outcomes and see any growth. 


Some of Long’s goals for this school year include; getting used to being back at school by “getting his feet back under him,” with his competitiveness, he strives to get teacher of the year at some point. 


The main goal that he always had was to help kids have a better relationship with math.