Senior Parking Spots


Zoee Young, Opinion Writer

A new and fun way to start off the school year is senior parking lots. This is the first year Lakeland High School was able to get senior parking approved by the school board.

I have never seen any other school in the area do this with their seniors. Who sparked this idea to paint parking stops? LHS ASB President, Piper Reilly, said, “I saw this idea online of other schools doing this, and it seems like a really fun idea.”

The seniors who chose to buy a parking spot spent the span of a few days to a week working together to paint their spots, and they look great!

Other schools don’t have the opportunity to do this, and it is a unique aspect of the parking lot.

The required rules of painting a parking spot were that students had to get the design they were going to do approved by our administration and to use exterior paint for their designs.

But, the process of getting this idea created by Reilly was a long, hard, ongoing thing. Reilly pushed for this idea extremely hard. She comments, “I had to make a proposal, design approval sheet, contract, and go to the principal and superintendent to have a meeting about senior parking spots.” Reilly finally got her proposal approved.

The senior class was very excited to hear about the idea getting approved. Reilly reacted, “I was so excited! It took me about six months to get it approved and prepare for it, and I was really happy to hear the news.

But unfortunately, this may or may not be happening next year. Interim Principal Mr. Hoffman says, “As of right now, the administration is still looking into the idea of senior parking lots. We are still talking and coming up with ideas for next year.”

It is a good idea, and the senior class is lucky to get the opportunity to do something like this. Piper Reilly also added, “I think they turned out well and added a lot of character to our school.”

Hopefully, this is going to be an ongoing thing for the upcoming senior class to experience something like this.