Everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy


Maylin Knoblich, Opinion Writer

Whether you are a fan of the widely known book series/movie adaptation of Harry Potter or just looking for a fantastic game with many different things to do for hours’ worth of gameplay, Hogwarts Legacy can satisfy both.

This open-world fantasy game will allow the player to freely and at their own pace explore and discover new and old places in Hogwarts before the events of Harry Potter. Find hidden doors and secret side quests, as well as meet new and old characters.

We still do not know very many details about the game set to release in February of next year (2023), but here is what we do know.

Initially leaked in 2018, we didn’t get a full reveal or look into this game until September 2020 at the Playstation State of Play event, showcasing the PlayStation 5 and games set to be released within the next few years of its release.

It was scheduled for release in 2021, but unsurprisingly the highly detailed game was delayed until 2022 to allow the developers to release a more polished experience. It was once again delayed, this time until 2023.

It will release on all platforms, current and past gen, with a market price of $70 for the current gen, such as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. It is $60 for the last gen, such as Playstation 4 and Xbox, as well as switch and PC. This game will be absolutely free of microtransactions which in these times is hard to find in a game.

Unfortunately, the only gameplay and details we have on the game are what was released two years ago at the Playstation event. Thankfully, the developers at Avalanche Software released a showcase showing everything we need to know in order to get hyped for the game’s release.

The map and campus of Hogwarts will be a completely open world. You will be able to explore and interact with almost everything and everywhere. In this magic world, you can fully customize and decorate your character and your clothes.

Some classes run through the school in the classrooms, and you are not only able to attend these classes but also decide which classes you want to attend. This will allow you to develop skills and learn different types of magic and spells. You can also practice mixology and alchemy, allowing you to brew and enhance your skills using potions.

This game will feature all-new antagonists and characters never seen in the Harry Potter series due to the fact that this game is a prequel to the books and movies set in the early 1800s. This also includes good and bad characters along with new types of fauna and wildlife that you are able to interact with and even tame or befriend.

You will be put in one of the four houses, that being Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. This lets everyone live their wildest fantasies of joining their favorite house and representing that house with pride and colors.

Not only do you learn all new spells and magic, but you can also put these to use in battle. The spells you use and equip can be used to your advantage in developing your own unique fighting style. You can either do one-on-one battles with other students or use these spells to aid you in your adventures in the main storyline or side quests.

Hogwarts legacy is currently the second most wish-listed game on steam. Naturally, with this anticipation, the community is expecting a great outcome which will likely be the case based on the information that we have been given thus far.