Aller Faucon


Hadley West, Opinions Editor

Many athletes work hard to make varsity throughout their high school careers, but not Chloe Charvier-Soleillet. She is naturally gifted and made varsity her junior year with no experience.

She is a starter and offensive player on Lakeland High School’s varsity soccer team, often seen shooting on opponents’ goals.

She was born in Aix-les-Bains, France. When she moved here, she had to learn the language and how people act here. She also had to get used to how friendly people were here on a day-to-day basis.

“We are the best, and the team is always fun, even if we are losing… the soccer team was nice to me when I got here,” Chloe said when asked about the soccer team.

As her senior year begins and her last year of varsity soccer comes to an end, she is very excited to be a senior because she enjoys being the oldest at the school and likes that the freshmen are afraid of her.

After high school, she wants to attend college to focus on her education, unless, of course, she gets picked up for track and field, but she undoubtedly has the skill to play soccer at the next level. In college, she has not quite figured out what she wants to study.

People around Chloe speak highly of her and enjoy being around her.

Regan Wright, a junior at LHS, is a teammate of Chloe’s. She admires her positive attitude and leadership on the field as a senior.

“I think Chloe is a hard-working teammate and is super fun to play with. Sometimes she doesn’t understand what we are saying, and it’s fun to watch her try to figure it out… She can do cool tricks and has nice hair.”

Working hard and having a positive attitude are attributes that all good athletes and well-rounded adults need to succeed. Many look forward to seeing what Chloe makes of herself when she graduates.

Coach Whitnee Johnson, the junior varsity head coach for Lakeland’s soccer team, loves to see Chloe progress as a player and watch her show confidence on the field.

“I enjoy coaching and watching Chloe… She is very fast and goes to every ball she can. She is always sneaking the ball past the other team’s defense.”

From the soccer team and coaches’ perspective, Chloe is a well-rounded and skilled individual with a bright future ahead of her.