An Outside Perspective of Lakeland High School


Melia Blackwell, Opinion Writer

Positive perspectives are what keep the spirit up within schools. If you view your school positively, people around you will likely consider it the same way, and they’ll look down on the other schools.


In attempts to focus on sportsmanship, that’s not exactly the most prioritized topic amongst the student body. They’re more focused on making their school look good and winning a game. 


Sandpoint, being one of Lakeland’s rivals, not only has an unusual perspective on us, but the way they go about their classes is also different.


To prevent repetitiveness in their school days, on certain days, they have certain classes that are about one hour to an hour-and-a-half long. 


Jack Glaser, a junior at Sandpoint Highschool, is originally from Western Washington. He’s used to the big city life, and even he finds that the school day is set up weird. “You don’t really notice it after a while, it’s a little unusual, but as someone who doesn’t go to this school, they’d most likely be confused.”


With Lakeland repeating the same six classes every day, five days a week, to think of having different classes throughout the week is mind-boggling. Not to mention they have two separate lunches, Lunch A and Lunch B. Whatever classes you have that day determines was lunch you have.


Ironically, with Sandpoint making the TikTok hate page for Lakeland, some would be surprised that Sandpoint doesn’t really acknowledge Lakeland’s existence outside of sports. 


Glaser doesn’t really care about other schools; he keeps to his friend group and continues to be the school clown or puts all his time into his dirtbike.


Though both schools are highly competitive, their student body is more focused on their after-school activities rather than throwing negative virtues at us.


I’m not saying our school is innocent; we have definitely had our moments though we have not gone to the extent of making a hate page of other schools.


Though Glaser doesn’t really care about other schools, he just keeps to his friend group and continues to be the school clown or puts all his time into his dirtbike. 


That mindset sticks to most students varying from Lake City, Timberlake, Post falls, and Sandpoint.