LHS Releases Yearbook


Sam Fuller, News Editor

The 2022-2023 Lakeland High School yearbook class worked very hard to make the yearbook the best as possible. 

Yearbook distribution began on May 31. The 144-page book features hundreds of photos and links to videos.

Brelyn Ganske, a junior at LHS, contributed tremendously to the yearbook. 

“It was a lot of editing and designing. Most of us had to figure out how to do the pages because everyone was new this year. I think only one of us had experience beforehand, so we had to take charge and help the new students,” Ganske said. 

Ganske had a major role in the yearbook class. 

“I was assistant editor, so I had to check over everyone else’s pages, which was something that took a lot of time. I enjoyed it though, it challenged me,” Ganske mentioned. 

Yearbook was a very time sensitive class that was not abel to be flexible. 

“We had very strict deadlines. We could not miss our deadline or else it would cost the school more money. It would get very frustrating when people did not meet their deadline so everyone else would have to scramble to get things done in time,” said Ganske. “It put a lot of pressure on me and Dylan.” 

Dylan Malcom, a sophomore at LHS also had a very big part in the yearbook class. 

“It starts very fast in the first week of school. Everyone works together to start brainstorming right away. “It is a lot of work. We got a lot of help from journalism this year. I guess you can say that everyone in the school contributed to making the yearbook,” Malcom said. 

Malcolm takes his yearbook class very seriously and works very hard to do his best. 

“It definitely can get frustrating when there is people in the class who don’t do their work or care about the deadlines. It’s hard when mostly everyone is trying their best and working hard, and then there are kids who don’t bother to get their own work done,” Malcom said. 

However much stress yearbook put on the students, the reward of seeing the yearbook in the end seems to be very worth it. 

“My favorite thing is the people in the class. Everyone has such a strong work ethic and they all tried to do their very best. Working together as a team feels like a great accomplishment that pays off in the end for everyone,” Malcolm mentioned. 

The yearbook teacher, Michael Dunn was very proud of how the yearbook came out after his first year of teaching this class. 

“I thought there was a lot of ‘new’ this year. There was only one person who worked on a yearbook before. I thought it was cool because we got fresh new ideas that expands the creativity in the yearbook for the 2022-2023 school year. Our group was able to come up with their own ideas that weren’t based off previous yearbooks,” Dunn said. 

This year was a learning experience for everyone that was in the class. 

“I had never been a part of creating a yearbook before. It was a lot of learning this year. It was a challenge to get so many photos, but the class did really well. There will obviously be issues in a yearbook, that is always a guarantee. I think we did very well and I am very proud about how the yearbook came out,” Dunn mentioned. 

The yearbook can now be bought for $35. Students can pick them up in the main gym during lunch or in Mr. Dunn’s class during first, third, or fourth periods.