Senior Advice for Newcomers


Annaliese Naas, Staff Writer

Seniors are about to head out the door, and from their 4 years of experience, they’ve certainly earned the term “seniors.” With that being said, here are some words of the old and wise for the young and bright newcomers. 

Ray Martin says “Ignore people. Learn how to become really good at ignoring people” She says that people are gonna try to mess with you and get your attention.

Gage Barrett said “The year goes way faster than you think. If you have an assignment due in a few months don’t push it off that deadline will be there by what feels like a week.” 

He said that your grades are important and the smallest thing can severely affect it, so don’t wait until the day before it’s due to start that assignment. “Before you know it you will be graduating and still feel like you are in your freshman year.”

Some seniors chose to remain anonymous when giving their responses.

“Something that I would tell other people that are going into highschool is to be organized. Without organization throughout your education you won’t be able to keep track of deadlines and assignment dates.”

They would tell others to get a planner of some sort so you can keep track of some things. Another piece of advice they would give to the people that are coming to highschool, would be to take as many college classes as you can because in high school you don’t have to pay for them but after high school you do. 

“Try to pass your classes that year, so that in your future years you barely have to be here.” -Anonymous

“Participate in anything, you’ll regret it later if you don’t.”- Emma H. 

“Be nice to your teachers, they do a lot for you. Also, school is not a pet store. Don’t come dressed in a dog collar and a tail because I promise you, you will get bullied. We are a redneck school.” -Anonymous 

“Dress like you’re going to a family reunion. Cover your body.” -Unknown

“The only advice that I could give to others is, that it is best to stay away from the drama and keep working hard for what you want your future to be.” – Unknown

Someone said to do Bridge Academy Online, which is a better option for some. 

“You don’t need to know a lot of what the school teaches you, and most of it is memorization anyway, so learn what you want instead of what others say you need.” – Unknown

“Don’t skip and fall behind.” – Anonymous

“Be an idiot while you can because once you get older you get penalized more severely for it. However, don’t be a dumb idiot think about your actions results when you are in the classroom.” – Unknown

“I say to try out everything you can and don’t be shy of doing stuff. Go to all the football games, basketball games, school events, and all that stuff you won’t be able to do when you get out of high school.” -Unknown 

“Advice I would give to newcomers that are transferring to a new school is to get involved with the school and maybe even do sports or different clubs. for freshmen I would say work hard in school and get good grades” – Anonymous

“Turn in your homework and assignments on time. Study for your test and you will do better on them. Don’t skip a lot of days because you will fall behind” – Anonymous

With that being said, I think Freshman and new students can learn a lot. My piece of advice is to be kind and thoughtful, be respectful of others and yourself. Do your work, and don’t worry too much about what tomorrow brings.