Lakeland Preference on Shoes


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

Generation Z, the years of kids and teenagers who don’t understand what their own unique style is. If you look around now, it’s not hard to miss the style that has been brought back from our parents and even grandparents’  high school or college years.

Baggy jeans, thousands of holes included, bright and colorful crop tops or oversized t-shirts, funky socks, pants either extremely high-waisted or riding right on the hip line.

But the outfit says hardly anything about a person’s character, what truly speaks are the shoes. The shoes show a lot about who you are, who you are can be chosen from a various series of options.

One example may include that if you see a kid wearing Vans, he/she either just like the brand or they skate, hence why they’re sold at skate shops like Zumiez.

If you wear plain white Air Force 1, high school students call you basic or you don’t really broaden your style.

Aiden Craig-Johnson, a junior, a student who goes about his day wearing colored and/or printed shoes. They vary from red to blue, shiny to matte, or even expensive.

The shoes hold a sense of personality, someone who wears Jordans probably likes to show off their wealth or they like the overall style and color options.

But what do students wear more? Is a plain white shoe more commonly seen, or could we argue that colored shoes are the most popular? We can all say we have at least one of either option but why do we choose one over the other? 

White shoes go with everything, if clean they make you look clean. Literally, also in a way hygienic. Colored shoes are specific to your outfit, if you want to match you add color or you make it white.

Darwin Porth, unlike his father Mr. Porth a Physical Science and Biology teacher, wears regular everyday tennis shoes with color. Color is “part of the vibe” his father wears hiking boots. Hiking boots are some of the most comfortable shoes. That shows that he chooses comfort over style.