Valid Valedictorians


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

The Lakeland High School 2022 class valedictorians and 2022 class salutatorians have been selected. Gavin Elmose and Addison Kiefer have both been selected as valedictorians. Hailey Thaxton has been selected for the salutatorian role.

To reach the level of valedictorian in the LHS school district, students must fill specific requirements.

Students must take all Honors classes for their math and English classes. Also necessary, students must obtain five credits in Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry Pre Calculus, or Calculus. 

Nextly, students who fill those requirements are then ranked with their unweighted grade point average. The people in first place receive valedictorian and second place receive salutatorian.

After this, they must be reviewed by the Lakeland School Board. 

Following all of this, they will give a speech at graduation.

Another rule is that if candidates have tied grade point averages, then they will be compared to each others’ weighted GPA. However, this will only take effect in 2024.

Addison Kiefer, this year’s valedictorian, and LHS senior, participates in a wide range of activities for the school.

Kiefer plays basketball, volleyball, and track for LHS.

“I’ve always wanted to get straight A’s to help with applying for college and any scholarships and valedictorian just kind of came along with it. I’m not excited to give a speech though,” Kiefer said.

She recommends knowing what major in college you are pursuing, so that way you can plan what classes you need to take in high school, instead of just focusing on valedictorian.

Gavin Elmose, an LHS senior, also has achieved his goal of becoming a valedictorian.

Elmose is a member of the National Honor Society and also volunteers at his church.

“The goal of valedictorian helps you strive to do your best. I would recommend that people go for it,” Elmose said.

Colleen Bevacqua, one of Elmose’s teachers, has noticed his dedication to doing well in school. She noted that he is able to put his mind to academics and go above and beyond. Bevacqua also noted his motivation to obtaining the valedictorian position.

“Almost every valedictorian I know is very self-driven and motivated. They tend to work for the goal themselves and not because other people want to,” Colleen Bevacqua said.

Trent Derrick, the principal of LHS, believes it the goal of top of the class is a good one.

“I think its a great goal. It demonstrates you have high aspirations for future endeavors. It’s an indicator of someone’s drive,” Derrick said.