New ASB Officers Elected


Samantha Fuller, News Editor

The ASB elections for 2022-2023 at Lakeland High School are closed. 

The newly elected students are Piper Reilly as ASB President, Logan Harris as ASB Vice President, Jasmin Allen as Treasurer, Audrey Gibson as secretary, Michael Wee as Director of Communications, and Lincoln Wood as Spirit Leader. 

Each of these students were elected by the student body after giving a speech in front of the school and getting twenty-five signatures from each class. 

Reilly knew that Being a part of ASB was always something she wanted to do. 

“I had great ASB presidents before me that inspired me to go for this position, and I love that I can be a leader in the school. I love being a part of the begins the scenes for big events and having an impact at school,” Reilly said. 

Reilly is already preparing for the upcoming school year and all the goals she has for it. 

“One of my biggest goals was just to improve school culture. Two things that I’ve already done for this are senior parking lot spots getting approved and creating a first day of school event,” Reilly mentioned. 

 Harris is also excited about the new position he was elected. 

“I decided to go into this position because I want to be a big part of bettering our school. I am excited to be a part of leadership and all the school events. I am excited to work with Piper as the ASB President and all the other ASB officers,” Harris said. 

Students like Allen love the push that comes with an ASB position. Making an impact in the school is a common goal for all of the elected students. 

“I really like the responsibilities that come with being Treasurer. I feel like ASB has bigger jobs and responsibilities, which is something I really like. I am very excited for the upcoming school year and all the fun stuff ASB is planning,” Allen mentioned. 

Gibson was previously the ASB Secretary in her sophomore year and was re-elected for her upcoming senior year. 

“I want to help out student body. My goal is to make the student body more unified and make the school a better place. I’m excited for next year but also sad it’s my last year of stuco,” Gibson said. 

The ASB Director of Communications role was filled by Wee for the upcoming school year. 

“I’ve been in student council for the past three years at Lakeland. I like the job and doing tech stuff, ‘m just that type of person. Being a part of ASB means you get to spread your influence to everyone in the school,” Wee said. “I want to help ASB do a better job of spreading information and spread more information through social media so students and parents can be more informed.” 

Wood felt like this was the perfect position for him to run for. Spirit leader is a new position for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. 

“I am a personal hype man. I enjoy trying to get people involved in the action. I want to make sure that people feel like they are involved. I also want to make sure the dances and games feel amazing, dun and sick,” Wood said. “I am very excited to become the first Spirit Leader.” 

The newly elected ASB officers are very eager for the upcoming school year and are excited to impact LHS in many positive ways.